Camping Ar Kleguer
Le Jardin Exotique de Roscoff
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So near and yet so far from everything else…

The campsite is ideally situated in Brittany, a preserved region, full of character.

A small city of character

Roscoff, the only city of character in the Pays de Léon, has managed to conserve and bring to life its outstanding architectural heritage. The Notre Dame church at Croas Batz and its16th century rennaissance steeple, the finely worked ossuary, former ship owners’ turret houses with sculpted windows… Surrounded by granite, Roscoff plunges you into a history enriched by its retailers, ship owners, corsairs and artists……

A land of art shaped by history

  • The Léon and Trégor route
  • Tours of parish closes
  • chateaux and manor houses
  • a small city of character
  • Guided tours to the heart of the authentic Léon : museums, ecomuseums, animal parks, lighthouses…
  • Art and artistic studios, art galleries
  • Along the country lanes…

Beauty in many different forms

  • Outstanding, natural settings
  • A haven for flowers and tree enthusiasts
  • Learn to read the countryside
  • Explore non stop
  • Discovery tours
  • Learn about local products

On the go !

  • Cycling and walking paths
  • Rollerskating and skateboarding
  • Hiking along the GR34 walking trail
  • Riding centre 5kms away
  • Golf course 10km away
  • Minigolf
  • Sand yachting 6kms away
  • Leisure area
  • Diving club 10kms away

Fresh or sea water ?

  • Superb beaches and coves
  • Boat trips to the island of Batz or to England
  • Deep sea diving : Club in Carantec : 10km
  • Sailing lessons, windsurfing, canoeing : 500m.
  • Cruises
  • Sea fishing
  • Fresh water fishing
  • Fishing lessons
  • Thalassatherapy
  • Lakes and ponds
  • Swimming pools

For the little dragons

  • Family shows : kids’ time
  • True life fairy tales
  • Short tours suitable for both the young and old
  • introduction to sea related activities

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