Camping 4 etoiles finistere : activités nature avec acces direct plage

Campsite Activities and Entertainment

Kids club for ages 4-12

10:00 AM-12:00 PM, 5 days per week, one of our counselors guides your children through various activities. At Ar Kleguer, every day is a new activity. The campsite is particularly well-equipped for outdoor fun. Our counselor will use the campsite’s many locations for very “natural” activities. The sand beach, the woods and the small creek are all places children will love to explore.

We organize activities during the day and evening:

  • Concerts, magic shows, performances…
  • Featured events on the bay of Morlaix
  • Petanque, billiards, foosball competitions…
  • Sandcastle building competitions
  • Board game tournaments
  • Treasure hunts
  • The kids club is open in July/August

Imagine a day in the life at Ar Kleguer

We wake up, go get bread and croissants with dad, eat breakfast by the sea, in the quiet of the early morning.

We head straight for the pool when it opens to try out the water slides, little sister meets her friends at the kids club for craft games with painting, then a game of dodgeball on the field with the campsite’s counselor.

At 11:00, we take the bikes out, and head to the center of Saint-Pol-de-Léon to explore the pedestrian market in front of the large cathedral.

We ride bikes to Roscoff, where we eat our picnic at the old port by the fishing boats.

We get back pretty early to gather shellfish, periwinkles, clams and crabs right in front of the campsite. The adults go play tennis while the kids play with their friends on the water slides in the pool area.

We play on the trampoline or the bounce house at the end of the afternoon with new friends.

Then we eat our fresh catch of the day, crab is even better when you catch it yourself!!!

We meet up with our friends at the campsite bar to watch the magician’s tricks.

The day went by so fast, it’s time for bed…