Cottage Ty Braz (PRMs)

Handicap Accessible Rental Ar Kleguer Campsite

Cottage adapted to
Persons with Reduced Mobility

This rental is suitable for people in wheelchairs or simply need more comfort in daily life.

Our Ty Braz (which means big house in Breton) has a larger and wider interior. It is located near the reception, our services and our indoor and outdoor pools.


  • This rental has a spacious bedroom with 1 double bed of 160 x 200 cm.
  • A children’s bedroom with 2 bunk beds of 70 x 190cm.
  • A kitchen equipped with easy-to-use and ergonomic furniture.
  • A large bathroom with shower, toilet and sink for people with reduced mobility.
  • A large place for your vehicle on the pitch.

Model developed according to the accessibility criteria of the Tourisme et Handicap association.
Full independence (one-piece shower with integrated seat and handrail, kitchen with space for chair under counter, rotation area in rooms, etc.).