Ty Braz (Handicap Accessible) Covered deck (TV included)

Handicap Accessible Rental Ar Kleguer Campsite

New in 2018
In 2018, we are offering a mobile home accessible to people in a wheelchair or who simply need more comfort in daily life. Our Ty Braz, a large Breton house, has a larger and wider interior. It is located near reception, our services, and a convenient distance from the pool area (whirlpool, indoor pool and outdoor area).

In the living room:

  • Table with black steel legs
  • Couch with inclined backrest and storage compartment
  • 2 chairs and in and out door
  • 1500W heater
  • Adjustable LED spotlights
  • Mirror
  • Flat screen wall base
  • CMV
  • TV included

In the bathroom:

  • Bathroom with shower, toilet, sink for people with limited mobility
  • CMV
  • Hooks

In the kitchen:

  • Stainless steel sink with dish rack and mixer tap
  • Table Top Refrigerator 140 L
  • Electric stove 4 burners
  • Blinds on the kitchen window


  • 2 single beds in the master bedroom
  • 2 bunk beds in the children’s bedroom
  • Adjustable reading lights in the bedrooms
  • Wardrobe in each bedroom
  • Mirror in the master bedroom


Model developed according to the accessibility criteria of the Tourisme et Handicap association.
Full independence (one-piece shower with integrated seat and handrail, kitchen with space for chair under counter, rotation area in rooms, etc.).
Large master bedroom.